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Side Dish SideKick



Pair 2-4 perfectly-timed side dishes for your spring occasion in under 30 seconds!


the Struggle 

is real 


You're planning an Easter luncheon, or a Mother's Day dinner and you've got your maple ham roast recipe card in your back pocket or your rack of lamb ready to rock…but you have no idea what to serve with it!

Do you find yourself asking:

🧐 “How many sides do I need?”

😅 “Will it pair well with my main course?”

🥴 “Will it be ready on time??”

😭 “Can I even MAKE this?!”


Even with my years of professional cooking experience, picking and planning out the right side dishes is STILL a pain!

So I created Side Dish Sidekick, an insightful new tool that takes the stress out of choosing and timing side dishes for any occasion. 

the best part? 

It's super easy to use! Simply follow the flowchart prompts, and you'll get a personalized menu with 2 to 4 side dishes in under 30 seconds, along with a full planning timeline (from prep to serve).

What's Inside?


An intuitive, reusable flowchart that will help you pair 2 to 4 perfectly timed side dishes for any spring entree


8 different personalized menus depending on your specific flow chart answers


Full timelines for each menu from prep to serve with a checklist of steps to help you stay organized 


Foolproof recipes for each side dish with ingredients and detailed instructions

meet the Creator

Aberdeen Gielow

Hello! I'm Aberdeen, the author of Side Dish Sidekick👩🏼‍🍳. Originally from Los Angeles, I now call Seattle my home with my husband, toddler, and 2 fur babies 🐈‍⬛. 

After years of home cooking, culinary school, and back-of-house restaurant work, I decided to spread my joy of food to a larger audience by launching Aberdeen's Kitchen. My own little spot on the world wide web, this is I share my stress-free recipes to help food loving home cooks host deliciously simple yet elevated gatherings that are guaranteed to impress their family and friends. 

The thing they need the most help with? Picking, pairing, and planning side dishes with entrees! And thus, Side Dish Sidekick was born ↓.

Are you tired of struggling to choose side dishes for your meals?

 Side Dish SideKick

Pair 2-4 perfectly-timed side dishes for your spring occasion in under 30 seconds!